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Zero waste

Steps I’m taking to a zero-waste life

zero-waste life
zero-waste life

Nowadays people think that having a zero-waste life is a trend. That we just want to become this way because the “zero-waste items are cute”. But to be honest, I’d be proud of people even if they become zero waste just because is a trend.

Our planet is dying and we have to make people understand that someday we’ll die surrounded by plastic, and if teens will start because it’s a trend and then understand that they’re doing something for the planet, then let them be!

Sadly, most of us are becoming zero waste because of what is happening with Amazonia. This is something that has touched the heart and conscience of many people around the world.

So, if you’re here because you want to start a zero-waste life like me, then you are welcome! Let’s get into the steps I’ve been taking into this journey.

zero-waste life

Steps I’m taking to become zero-waste

Bye-bye buying bottles of water

Did you know that a plastic bottle can last between 500 – 1000 years to biodegrade? That’s a lot.

I used to buy up to five bottles of water whenever I was out of my house or work. Now, I take my eco-friendly bottle of water with me everywhere I go. I stay hydrated and help the planet at the same time, isn’t it awesome?

Changed makeup remover pads

I used to buy normal cotton makeup remover pads, but I changed them to these reusable makeup remover Pads.

These makeup remover pads are soo gentle on my face and I have saved money by buying them! Because think about it, how many times don’t we need to buy a new pack of makeup remover pads? With these, you only need to make one purchase and that’s it!

Glass food containers

I’m a fan of meal prepping and these glass food containers have saved my life.

They are divided into three sections which makes it easy to carry lunch with me. Plus, I think they are pretty affordable.

Started taking stainless steel straws with me

It was hard at the beginning cause I used to forget them every time I went out of my house. But now I take them with everywhere I go.

My friends are used to make fun of me cause I take them even if I go to restaurants, however, do you know how aesthetic your pictures look with them?

Spoiler: they look AMAZING.

Stopped buying coffee

In some countries it is pretty common to take your cup with you and, whenever you buy coffee, you just hand it to the waiter and he’ll put the coffee there. Well, in my country it is a sin.

I used to eat almost every single day at a McDonald’s near my job. Something that ashames me, but it helped me understand lots of things.

MCD decided to stop giving people the straws and tops because they thought it was a waste of plastic, which I think is amazing. But not everybody was happy about that.

One day, a woman talked to me while I was eating and said “I don’t understand why these people are doing this. Do they think they’ll save the planet? I bet they’re just trying to save money”

And that’s the way almost every person in my country thinks. That’s why I decided to keep my cup of coffee with me. I take one from home and fill it again when I’m at work, and that’s it.

I really wish I could change my people’s mind. They think everything is a joke.

So yeah! These are the small steps I’m taking to zero-waste life. I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to pin and share!

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