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Zero waste gifts ideas for Christmas

It’s that time of the year!! Christmas is finally here and we’re looking for perfect zero waste gifts for our families and friends.

Christmas is the perfect time to share memories and gifts with our loved ones, and as almost every festive, it comes with plenty of waste. That’s why we must give more sustainable and eco-friendly presents to others.

There are lots of eco-friendly gifts out there! From experiences to makeup and clothes, we can find anything!

Now, since there are hundreds of zero waste gifts ideas, I will divide this blog post into two sections: presents and experiences.

Are you ready??

Zero waste gifts ideas

zero waste gifts


DIY skincare products: There are so many skincare products that you can make at home. For example, Jazmin has this amazing homemade moisturizer; it’s easy to make and with pretty affordable ingredients.

Food: You can buy it or prepare it at home. Like, there’s nothing more special than a homemade cake or cupcakes. It’s so lovely!

Mason jars: You have two options here. You can fill the mason jars with something that person likes, like nuts or cookies; or you can personalize it at home. It’ll be even more special if you personalize it!

Grocery store bags: Many people want to start this zero-waste journey, but they don’t want to spend a lot of money, so this the perfect excuse for you! If you give that person a grocery store bag, you’ll help that person in her journey of becoming zero-waste too.

Plants: Who doesn’t love plants? I don’t know a single person that hates plants, that’s why I think this is one of the most popular gifts out there.

Non-toxic candles: You so many options with this one. You can buy them from a small brand and make it more sustainable, or you can DIY it. Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone has a tremendous non-toxic candle DIY.

Essential oils: They are a must-have for some women since there are so many DIYs you can make with them.

DIY bath bomb and bath salt: There are plenty of DIY for this one too! Like, literally, you can find any type of salt or bomb you want, and do it yourself.

Sustainable/Eco-friendly cosmetics: For beauty lovers, there are some vegan and zero-waste makeup brands, like Elate Cosmetics. Also, if you want to make them yourself, there are lots of ideas out there. From mascara to lipstick, you’ll find it all.

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Audiobook, Spotify, Apple Music or Netflix subscription: For book, music and movie lovers you can buy them a yearly subscription in any of the platforms they love. In my case, I’d be the happiest person with any of them!

Travel mug or bottle: We all have that friend that needs coffee to survive the day. And we also have that friend that’s obsessed with cute bottles and drinking water. So get them bottles and mugs!

zero waste gifts


Workshops and classes: Almost everyone wants to learn new skills. By paying for classes or workshops you can make someone happy, and there are plenty of options such as photography, creative writing… Even workshops to start loving yourselves.

A trip: Book an Air BnB in a city that you and that person always wanted to visit, buy some food, make your bucket list and go for it! For many people creating memories is the most important thing in their lives.

Tickets to theater, to a movie, to a concert: If that person’s favorite artist/group is in town, tickets are a must! Everyone will be happy to get tickets and the opportunity to meet their idols.

Museum entry: Is your friend/family member/partner an artist, or an art lover? Then take them to a museum so they can have a good time appreciating what they love the most.

Language course: Maybe that person wants to learn a new language, go ahead and pay that course for him/her! It won’t be a waste, trust me.

DIY Spa Day: You don’t have to spend lots of money to have a perfect Spa Day. There are some YouTubers that give tips to have a zero waste self care ideas for a spa day.

Volunteer together: Are you guys the “I care about others” type? Go volunteering together! You can create amazing memories and help others at the same time.

Family trip: You can go camping, visit places you always wanted to visit, even visit family members you haven’t seen in a long time.

There are so many things we can do to make someone happy without creating waste. Let’s have a more sustainable Christmas together!

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite out of these zero waste gifts ideas!

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