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Ways I’m taking care of my skin

Last year I had bad acne all over my face, chest, and back. I was going crazy cause not even while being in high school I had those breakouts. I tested everything, I googled ways to take care of my skin and tried to change my reality.

From products to diets I tried them all. I even changed my morning routine to see if there was something wrong with it. My self-esteem went down in many ways. I didn’t even want to go to work since my crush was there and I felt so ashamed!

And you might think, what about makeup? Well, makeup hurt me even more. My face was oily af so I couldn’t use the brands I liked, not to mention that it could cover the redness on my face, but not hide the big pimples I had.

So today I’ll share with you the changes I made and the products I used to clear my skin. I have a few scars, and even some parts I’m still working on, but the change I’ve seen on my face these last months is amazing.

So let’s get into it!

5 ways I’m taking care of my skin

ways to care of your skin

Bye-bye Dairy

I’m vegetarian, and as I’m on a journey to become vegan, the first thing I did was cutting dairy off my life. And let me tell you, the change I saw on my skin was incredible.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had some breakouts, but the difference between the time I ate cheese and drank cow milk and now is huge.

So I’m currently drinking almond milk and eating vegan cheese, you should try making those changes!

Cocoa butter is my best friend

Okay, I had my diet and my daily routine, the redness on my face was gone and there were only a few sections of my face with breakouts. But what happens with the scars I had all over the face and chest?

I was worried about that. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get rid of those dark marks on my cheeks and chin.

That’s when an angel called Pinterest knocked on my door and showed me how cocoa butter would change my life forever. Okno. But seriously, cocoa butter for the face IS MAGIC.

Within just two weeks using it while sleeping, I could see the change. No more dark circles on my cheeks!

The doctor was my savior

You know what they say about your face being the way your body has to show you what’s going on inside? Well, my friends, that’s completely true!

I was having bad gastritis and vesicle problems and my face was the result of all that. So I went to the doctor, got a vesicle surgery and followed a medical treatment for my gastritis. Et voilà! Part of my breakouts was gone!

The message of the story: Always go to the doctor and stay healthy.

Aloe Vera is life, my friends

Oh my, aloe vera masks are heaven on the face. They leave my face so fresh that I wanna cry, okno. But seriously, aloe vera is so good for the skin, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Pro tip: by applying pure aloe vera on your face, you’ll boost the blood flow in your skin and help it get rid of bacterias.

I got married with green tea

A cup of green tea right after you wake up can be your best friend if you suffer from acne or stomach problems.

Green tea contains antioxidants that’ll help you with the damage on your skin. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties will help you reduce the redness and irritations. So a good green tea face mask is a plus on your face.

These are only some of the changes I’m doing to take care of my face, I’m still trying and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

What about you? Do you have any secrets to take care of your skin? Let me know on the comments!

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