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TV Shows to watch during self-isolation time

It’s quarantine time and I bet all of us have listened to that “I’m bored in a house” song. Some of us are looking for tv shows to watch during this time, while others are taking this moment to create or work harder in their goals.

Before going to the list, just want to remind you that it’s okay if you don’t feel like doing anything or learning any new skill. These are tough times and what’s a priority here is to look after yourself and your loved ones.

Now that you know that, let’s go into it!

I’ve divided the list into languages, in case you’re more a k-drama lover or you just love watching foreign tv shows.

tv shows to watch

Tv shows to watch on Netflix (English)

-Full house
-That 70s show
-Anne with E
-Stranger things
-The letter to the king
-Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
-I am not okay with this
-Gilmore Girls
-Gossip Girl
-Orange is the new black
-The Witcher
-Teen Wolf
-Sex Education


-The bonfire of destiny
-The chalet
-The forest
-The hookup plan
-The break
-Criminal: France
-Black spot

Korean (Take a sit, this one is long)

-Itaewon class
-Chicago typewriter
-Man to man
-Crash landing on you
-Cheese in the trap
-Hi bye, mama
-Cinderella and the four knights
-Because this is my first life
-My holo love
-The K2
-Love Alarm
-The bride of Habaek
-The liar and his lover
-The Heirs
-Something in the rain
-Romance is a bonus book
-Memories of Alhambra
-Rookie Historian: Goo Hae Ryung
-A Korean odyssey
-Arthdal Chronicles
-Mr. Sunshine


-Heist money
-House of flowers
-Cable girls
-Grand hotel
-You cannot hide
-Always a witch

Japanese (here I’ll divide it into animated and doramas)

-Terrace house
-Million yen women
-My husband won’t fit
-Good morning call

-Seven deadly sins
-One punch man
-Blue exorcist
-Diabolic lovers


-A love so beautiful
-Love O2O
-Ashes of love
-Eternal love
-Well-Intended love
-Accidentally in love
-I hear you
-Meteor Garden
-Unrequited love
-A little thing called first love
-Put your head on my shoulder
-Wait, my youth

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  • Denelia

    This is definitely giving me something to do during my free time!

  • Sarah

    Love this list! There are so many great shows on it! I find I’m rewatching old favorites instead of racing for something new.

    • Dani Alvarez

      I do that a lot! My list just keeps growing but I still go back to old favorites

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