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How to manage your study time while having a job

YouTube is a platform where you can find any type of videos, and the “how to manage your study time” is one of the most popular ones.

The fact that most of them go directly home after a day at school is amazing. But, what happens with that group of students that won’t go home right after school but to work? Or the ones that work all day and then go to school at night?

For those who work, managing their study time is an odyssey, and I can tell you that because I am one of those.

I’m an English teacher at an institute, which means I have to go and teach after finishing with my classes at uni almost every day.

Imagine having to deal with a group of teenagers that won’t pay attention unless you start playing with them or give them an interesting task after an exhausting day at school!

Honestly, a couple of months ago I used to get home dead and I had to struggle to stay up for revising or doing homework. Now, I have productive days and the few hours I use to study are enough to get straight A’s at the university.

So here are some tips I’ve learned the past few months to manage my time while having a part-time job that drains my energy.

how to manage your study time

How to manage your study time while having a job

Exercise and stay hydrated

I know this is something sort of cliché. Besides, I used to think that drinking water had nothing to do with my productivity. However, after I started exercising and having the duty of drinking water, I’ve realized that it helps when it comes to having energy and feeling awake during the day.

Since your brain is 70% of water, staying hydrated will help you when it comes to productiveness and concentration. Plus, it will also help you control your emotions and mood! Isn’t it awesome?

Find what works better for you

Some people feel like they learn better at night and others are more comfortable or secure in the morning. Choose one of those and go for it!

I discovered I’m a morning learner. That’s why I began a routine where I went to sleep at 10:00 or 11:00 pm, and woke up at 4:00 am to study. That way I had better results during my study sessions. And the way my grades improved is incredible!

Identify what type of learner you are and schedule a routine that will help you.

Follow your schedule

I used to make schedules or to-do lists for my study sessions. But it didn’t work out until I started using the Pomodoro method. By setting these 25 minutes limit I could follow my list and stay focus.

Now, if you’ve already tried this method and it didn’t work out, set realistic amounts of times to your tasks and complete them during that period.

Doing that you’ll be able to complete everything and to be aware of what you’ve done and what you’ve got to do next.

Set your “to-do” list before actually sitting down and starting

If you’re the type of person that works with lists, do not sit down and start by writing your list.

When you wake up in the morning and after you’ve done your morning routine or the previous night, before going to sleep, sit down and write what you have to study and what you have to do. Thereby when you arrive home from work, you’ll know what to do and will start right away.

Stay positive

I know this may sound dumb, but let’s be honest here.

We lose so much time thinking about all our assignments and about how we don’t want to do them that we lose time that we could’ve used to be productive.

So have a positive mindset and you’ll see the difference.

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Do not procrastinate

When it comes to studying, procrastinating is a minus that won’t ever leave us, that’s a fact. However, a fact that we can escape from a couple of times.

To stop with temptations like checking your social media or watching funny videos on YouTube for hours, put your phone away!

It is important that you use your computer just for your homework.

If you’re the type of person that needs music to study, look for a playlist on Spotify instead of YouTube. Like that, you won’t get distracted with the notification of that video you were dying to watch.

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