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Tips to stay motivated in school

how to stay motivated
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It’s hard to stay motivated in school, in fact, I spend my days looking for tips to stay motivated.

My dream was to study English Literature but in the city I where I live there isn’t a single university with that major.

Sad moment guys: I had to choose something else.

I discovered a university in the Capital with a major in Hispanic Literature and even though it wasn’t what I really wanted, it was close enough.

However, I couldn’t study it anyways because of my parents.

They thought that going there was dangerous and we couldn’t afford it either. I was feeling lost, depressed and anxious every time I had classes.

And when I arrived home, I didn’t want to do homework.

I just stayed in bed and waited until the next day came with the hope that something was going to change.

An one day, tired of the monotony and my sadness, I decided to search for some tips to finish this major and stay a little bit motivated with the school.

So today I will be sharing some of those that actually worked for me and that, hopefully, will work with you too.

4 tips to stay motivated during school days

tips to stay motivated in school

1. Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start doing what you can.

This is my #1 key to stay motivated.

Something I learned about studying a major I don’t like is that I can’t change the situation but get used to it.

To handle this situation I set the goal of reading something that has to do with English Literature every day, since books to ways to major my abilities.

I study how to write better essays and improve my reading analysis twice a week.

I read popular and useful books and try to do as much as I can to keep in touch with the things I wish I could be doing.

So, look for things that will inspire you and start making something with your current situation. Set goals once a month to learn something that you love, look for relevant information or even for fun facts!

2. Make your notes as pretty as you can.

I’m not saying that you should have those amazing and aesthetic notes with incredible lettering in the titles and colors everywhere. I’m saying that you should find what fits you well.

You have to read your notes every single time you’re studying, if you revise every day then you’ll have to see them daily so if you see them a little bit prettier or with your own style and words on them, you’ll have a little bit of fun while revising and that will increase your motivation.

3. Make your workplace your favorite area in the house.

I’m a K-Pop fan, I adore sunflowers, I live for books and my favorite colors are red and black.

So, in order to stay motivated, I have some books beside my textbooks and a fake sunflower on my desk. My wall is decorated with pictures of my favorite artists and quotes that I know will motivate me when I need it the most.

You should do that.

Create your own place where you can be yourself, where you have things you love and where you can feel motivated any time you feel like doing nothing.

4. Set realistic and specific goals.

Don’t set daily goals, set realistic daily goals.

Don’t write things like “study 2 lessons” or “write notes”.

Be specific like “study lesson one for math exam” for example or “write Tuesday’s Literature lecture notes” thereby you’ll be able to do everything you got to do and don’t struggle on your way to finish your tasks.

Also, you can use the Pomodoro method to stay focused while studying. Set times of 25 minutes and a break of 5. That’ll help you stay focused.

That’s it! I hope you implement these tips so you can stay motivated in school.

Don’t be shy and send me a message if you have any questions or comments!!

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tips to stay motivated in school
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