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Habits of creative people to adopt this 2020

My Arts teacher used to say “everybody’s creative, it’s just that some of us do more activities to grow that creativity”. It’s been proved that creative people have routines and habits that help them exploit their potential.

Some of us spend days walking around and appreciating our surroundings. Others go to Art Galleries, concerts and get in touch with any art manifestation. We all do different activities to get inspired, and that’s the beautiful part of being a creative person.

Habits of creative people

creative people

Creative people take care of themselves

No, I’m talking about those “Selfcare Sunday” that you see everywhere. I’m talking about daily self-care.

Creative people take care of their health, both physical and mental. They do things they love and make them happy every single day.

So do things you love, read the books you like, see the movies and series you enjoy, love yourself every single day, not only on Sundays.

Set goals

Creative people set goals. Yearly goals, monthly goals, daily goals, goals everywhere!

Setting goals help your brain focusing on what’s important and help you stay motivated. So you should start setting goals in both your personal and professional life.

They have a creative routine

I have a morning routine that helps me with my productivity, however, I also have a daily routine that helps me with my creativity. I try to do as many activities that’ll keep inspired as I can every day.

Try to include in your routine activities you enjoy and that will give you a bit of inspiration each day.

Study and grow

Some people need to feel they’re growing so they feel they’re doing the right thing. They study as much as they can and love learning new things about the topics they like.

Some creative people are like that. So you should find new ways to grow, look for information about the things you like, read new books, watch documentaries, grow and never stop growing.

Understand your body and mind

You think you need to be a morning person so you can create new things? Well. I’m sorry to break your dreams, but no.

Everybody is different. Every body is different. You need to listen to yourself, understand what your body is telling you and work with it.

You’re not crazy if you stay up late cause it was at midnight that your brain decided to come up with an idea for a painting or a poem. You’re just part of the group of people that work better at night.

So don’t stress yourself with being a morning person if what your body is telling you is that it works better at night.

Creative people connect themselves with art

My wise teacher also said, “you need to be surrounded by art to find the right inspiration”.

Artists often visit art galleries, writers read lots of books, photographers follow photographers and visit galleries, and so on. Us creatives need to find what inspires us to create more and beautiful things and art is a piece of inspiration that we can find everywhere.

They keep a journal with themselves

Saw a cute couple in the park? Write about it.

Saw a beautiful flower? Draw it.

Never stop creating cause that’s part of an artist’s life. Create as much as you can and whenever you have the opportunity.


This one I’m currently putting it in practice. I love the fact that it makes me feel relaxed all day. I feel less anxious and it helps me stay more productive and creative every day.

How about you? Do you have any habits that help you stay creative? Let me know in the comments!

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  • jignesh panchal

    this habits help me to stay creative ,inspired,and happy and meditation video/listen podcast of creative people
    3.journaling new thing arownd me write and draw it work for make my body and mind happy

    • Dani Alvarez

      Those sound like great things to do to stay creative!

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