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20 things before 2020 bucket list

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Do you believe in the 20 things before 2020 bucket list? Cause I do.

This year is almost over. Only 3 months to see fireworks and listen to people congratulating each other. Three months to write new “New Year Resolutions” and check those that we reached. Three months to accomplish goals and allow ourselves to finish with the right foot.

This is our last chance to check those activities in our to-do list. The very last chance we have to give this year a purpose and not letting it go without giving it a meaning. Three months is all we have to give this year a last chance.

20 things before 2020

20 things before 2020

1. Organize a trip with friends.

Me and my friends have been together since we started our major back in 2016, and can you believe we’ve never made a trip together?

We’re graduating next year and I want to make something special with them. I want to go to the beach or visit another city, I don’t know, I just want to have some good memories with them before we graduate and go different ways.

Yes, it is sad that we waited almost four years to make fun things just because we’re the type that worries too much about grades. Want an advice? Don’t be like us, enjoy your school days!

2. Grow my blog

I started this blog two months ago, right when everything fell over me. I forgot to post and didn’t promote as much as I needed or wanted. That’s why my goal right now is to reach 5k views before the year ends.

It’s possible, I know it. Just a little bit of effort and organization, right?

3. Meet new people

Being the introvert type is not easy. It is so hard for me to make friends, in person, on an app, wherever! I panic when people approach me.

So I want to meet at least three new people and hang out with them. I know it may sounds numb, but getting to know someone is hard for me and I want to change that.

4. Lose weight

Do you know that moment when you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Well, this is that moment for me.

I always tell people that they should love themselves and fight to be the person they want to become. However, I don’t do anything it takes to be who I want to be.

I want to lose weight, I want to have a healthier body and ignore everyone’s comments. Just be happy with the person I see in the mirror every single day.

5. Get rid of acne

These days my skin has broken out so bad. The stress of my French classes, university, the job I hate. Everything together has made me hate my skin so much.

I’m trying natural face masks to fix my problem and changing my diet to see if I see any differences. What I want the most is to fix it before Christmas Eve.

6. Donate blood

22 years old and I’ve never donated blood and it cannot miss in my 20 things before 2020.

Since I want to do something new, why not doing something good and new? I even think I’ll be doing it in a couple of weeks. Let’s try it!

7. Visit one of my country’s hidden gems

Lately, I’ve been thinking about all those beautiful places in the Dominican Republic that people don’t talk about and, even though I want to visit all of them, I’m planning to go to at least one this year.

Maybe a river, a beach or a museum that no one talks about. I just want to know every single corner of my country before visiting any other.

8. Complete a 30-day gratitude challenge

Anxiety has taken over me these days. I always let bad things overwhelm me, therefore I want to complete a challenge like this so I can remember there are things worth fighting for.

October will be the month I take to accomplish this goal. Wish me luck!

9. Go camping on the beach

I’ve always wanted to go camping. More specifically, go camping on the beach. It sounds so funny and peaceful that I’m dying to try it!

10. See a sunrise/sunset

Let’s take the camping experience to see a sunset and a sunrise! It’s been my dream since I was a little girl and I won’t lose this opportunity.

20 things before 2020

11. Get my DELF B1 diploma

I’m on my last steps to become B1 in French and I expect to get that diploma before the year ends.

Learning languages is one of my favorite things in the world and finishing French will allow me to learn a new one. The more, the better!

12. Get a new haircut

I’m in a transitioning process and though I got a haircut like a month ago, in December I want to get the haircut that I always wanted.

13. Start my freelance writing business

The main reason why I started my blog was to have a portfolio to start an online business.

I’m good at writing, and I love it! For this reason, I want to start a freelance writing career. Yes, I still have lots of things to learn but I think I can get at least one client before the year ends.

14. Be able to have a basic conversation with a Korean

I have a year studying Korean and, even if I understand lots of things, I get stuck when I have to reply. That’s why I want to be able to have a basic conversation with a Korean and, I don’t know, maybe make a Korean friend on the way.

15. Finish at least 5 poems

Do you know the “I never finish what she started” type? Well, I’m that one.

I love writing.

I’ve started so many poems and never finished them cause I thought nobody would like them. But these days I heard someone saying that, if you were an artist you shouldn’t care about what others thought.

So here I am, giving myself a chance to finish what I started.

16. Finish at least 3 k-dramas

And here we go again. My sister is always telling that I should finish all those k-dramas that I started and stopped watching in episode 13 or 14 (like Memories of Alhambra. I don’t know I stopped watching it, it was sooo cool!!) thereby I will be finishing at least three in the next months.

17. Get an A in all my subject

This one will be a little bit hard since I never know what’s going to be my grade with lots of my teachers. I’ll try my best, but this one is uncertain.

18. Organize a family trip

There’s always one person in the family that doesn’t like to do things with the others or that’s always looking for excuses. And because of that, I want to do this. It’s time for a change.

19. Buy an album

I know this one is going to be difficult since I stan too many k-pop groups and bands. Choosing one will be so hard!

20. Accomplish all my goals in my 20 things before 2020 bucket list

One of the reasons why I’m doing this is to motivate and prove myself that I can do anything that I want. I know there’ll be obstacles on the way and maybe I won’t be able to accomplish the 20 things before 2020, but I’ll try my best! Fighting!

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